Hideaway Baby

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Co-writer, Director, Score, Editor; currently in post-production

A vigilante seeks her revenge on a corrupt city judge. But with many scorn memories and assailants after her, she struggles to complete her mission.


Come Darkly Near

Producer; Lost Cat Productions; 2014

Come Darkly Near is a short film following the lives of four different people struggling with the disappearance of 16-year-old Harper Lewis. Their stories and hardships take place over the course of several years, offering glimpses of the inner struggles each character is going through as they reconcile their memories of Harper.


Cheng Wan Bei

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Director, Camera, Score, Editor; currently in post-production

Leaving behind a combination of two husbands, four dogs, a daughter, and a son, sisters Eileen Nilsen and Vicki Sharpe travel to China for two weeks in 1995 in order to pick up Nilsen’s second adopted child. Cheng Wan Bei compiles and exposes their experiences and emotions through recorded footage by Nilsen and Sharpe with post-adoption interviews over a decade later.


Eat at Joe’s

Director, Camera, Editor; 2013

A documentary about Joe’s Inn, a “hole in the wall” local Italian restaurant in Richmond, Virginia that was started by Joe Mencarini, Victoria Sharpe’s great-grandfather.


Orbital Encounters

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Director, Score, Editor; 2013

An intergalactic adventure following Captain Arden Lark, Lieutenant Wren Piper, and their navigator Otto Olsen on a special mission to retrieve a device that can help the United Federation finally defeat The Alliance once and for all.